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Join work camps and adventure trips all over the world. Meet awesome likeminded people, move your business to the next level and get away from the office.


Unique experiences for
entrepreneurial minds

The concept of Workaway is simple: Get great, likeminded people to spend time together in fantastic surroundings. The goal is to move our businesses to the next level, get new knowledge and relations for life.

Workaway started in 2012 aimed at Danish entrepreneurs. Since then we have held 5 camps in Barcelona and one trip to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Now we are going global. We want to meet more fantastic people and explore new parts of the world. And you are invited!

We do two kinds of events: Camps, which is 20 entrepreneurs in a remote luxury house for 7 days and adventures, which is trips where we explore part of the world. Camps are dedicated to getting things done, talks, feedback sessions and of course fun. Adventures is for you, who want to get out and explore parts of the world with other entrepreneurs.

Get inspired and get new ideas
Build great friendships
Get work DONE and relax
New and priceless insights
Networking that works
Learn some new stuff


Check out some pictures from our earlier trips and our destination. #workawaycamp

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